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We’re a Technology solutions provider and Innovation Hub.

Cloud - IoT - AI - Big Data - Analytics

We invent game changing products and deliver consulting services in the ICT Sector.

Rapid MVP

We make use of Javascript Frameworks like React-Native to build Rapid MVP

Cloud First Solutions

We have a Cloud first approach in our solutions - for example we make use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Durability and Scalability

Give Back

Innovative ICT is our internally run social enterprise via which we extend projects on request.

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Our Services

AI and IoT

Cloud Consulting

Javascript Framework Consulting

Rapid MVP

Apps Development (Full Stack)

Solutions Architecture

Our Skills

We’re skilled in wide range of tools

In the high pace world of innovation an imperative asset is familiarization with cutting edge technology.

  • 01-Cloud

  • 02- AI

  • 03- Rapid MVP

  • 04- IoT

  • 04- Javascript (Full Stack)

Our Works

FEPS (Fundamental Energy Propulsion Systems)

0% Soot Emission Rocket System


Baseplate is an innovative mobile application that allows you to find skateparks anywhere in the world.

Wedding App SA

A beautiful digital solution for weddings.


Rapid Alert and Evidence Gathering System

The Issue

Modern evidence compiling solution

Our Executive Team


Leon Henry Africa


Leon holds a BSc in Physical Sciences with double Major in Mathematics as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in ICT (Software Development)


Zita Joy Africa


Zita holds a BA in Tourism with a triple Major in Linguistics and French as well as a BA(Hons) in Tourism.

Training Institute Plans

Cloud Architect

Javascript Engineer

Big Data Specialist

AI & IoT Specialist


Reginald (Reggie) Edgar Africa

The mind is a terrible thing to waste.


Leon Henry Africa

Genius is the child of Simplicity.


The Lord Jesus Christ

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
John 14:6 King James Version (KJV)

Latest Posts

amazing caves coverimage

The Free Education Paradox

In South Africa we have a massive problem when it comes to mathematics as well as physics and, in fact, in most subjects requiring technical thinking and critical problem solving. For the building of our nation so that we can overcome the physical and psychological barriers of the past, it is imperative that we make a firm foundation of these subjects within the young minds of our country.

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blog post | Meghna

Fundamental Energy Propulsion Systems

With the world reaching higher rates of carbon emission every minute resulting in the melting of our polar caps, climate change and various effects on our environment, focusing on decreasing our carbon footprint is imperative. The space chase is growing worldwide with humans looking strongly ahead at the advantages this may bring our race.

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